Fereshteh Forough And Roya Mahboob

06/12/2017  · Fereshteh Forough was born as a refugee in Iran during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. She got her high school degree in Iran. She got her high school degree in Iran. In 2002, one year after the Taliban regime collapsed, they shifted to their home city of Herat, Afghanistan.

Fereshteh Forough is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Code to Inspire. Fereshteh is from Herat, Afghanistan. She received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Herat University and a Master’s degree from Technical University of Berlin in Germany. Read More. Afghan Entrepreneur of the Month: Roya Mahboob. Wadsam April 7, 2016 Roya Mahboob is an.

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Fereshteh Forough – Roya’s colleague and ACSC co-founder – recently moved to New York City to establish a branch of Women’s Annex with a truly global reach. Roya’s commitment to equal opportunity for women doesn’t stop in the workplace – it extends to all aspects of life, including sports. Afghan Citadel supports two football teams – not just a women’s team, but a men’s team.


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