$31 Million Tether Hack Linked To 27

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21 Dec 2017.

US-dollar linked cryptocurrency Tether hit by $31 million hack in November. Since then, there has been speculation that the company doesn't.

21/11/2017  · Tether reports $31 million hack. Known as the 19th most valuable cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $674 million, the Hong Kong-based company behind the digital currency said it.

22 Nov 2017.

Justice Department indicts Iranian over HBO hack — Senate appropriators.

The breach that exposed information on 57 million customers occurred.

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with just under $31 million worth of digital tokens from online currency start-up Tether,

Tether Hacked for $31 Million, My 3 Lessons Learned21/11/2017  · Tether was hacked, with $30,950,010 of USDT stolen from their treasury wallet. After the news of the hack, the price of Bitcoin dipped 5%, but quickly recove.

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10 Feb 2020.

Tether is by far the most well-known stablecoin of recent times.

Netherlands ( Nederland) +31.

South Africa +27.

In short, Tether is a cryptocurrency which has been tied to the US dollar.

Not much later in August 2016, Bitfinex got hacked for almost 120,000 Bitcoins, worth nearly $75 million at the time.

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5 Jul 2018.


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Half of Stolen Funds From $31 Million Hack; 30th – Bitcoin Creator,

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21/11/2017  · Tether, the startup company that allows users to trade and use digital tokens backed by fiat currencies like the dollar, euro, and yen, says that close to $31 million was stolen from its coffers.

31 May 2019.

00:22:23: Delving into the £72 million hack at Bitfinex in 2016.

00:34:27: Touching on other motivations for creating the BFX token.

Most of my friends from Yale went on to lead pretty traditional careers.

So you're talking about $20 to $30 billion moving around in Tether, whereas all the others are like.